Reduce scale of type

Hey everybody,

I’m currently working on a typeface, and the client has mentioned that they think the font is taking up too much space in their layouts when compared with other fonts set in the same size. The x-height is quite large so there is some truth to their claims. The client likes the forms and doesn’t want to make them visually narrower, they were wondering is there a way to make the forms smaller inside the 1000 upm space.

There’s currently ~1000 glyphs in the character set with multiple weights, so I don’t really want to manually resize. I’m wondering is there a way to globally scale all glyphs in a font without causing spacing / component issue? Or somehow change settings in font info that could reduce it’s scale in a 1000 upm space upon generation.

Thanks, and sorry if this is a naive question, or if I’m phrasing things incorrectly, I’m not a very technical designer.

could your client be convinced to set the font at a point size smaller? The kind of reduction you are talking about would have the same affect.

You could just increase the UPM. It is recommended to have it at 1000, but it works fine with other values. Tweak the value, until the customer is happy.

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