Regarding Glyphs 3

Hi: I have a strange issue here … When I try to scale a form 2% vertically, the form become ultra small? Please have a look at the attached pictures. Btw: This operation works well in Glyphs 2.
Best, Morten

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I believe the issue is that Glyphs 3 wants you to express the percentage as 98% rather than 2%

Well, then the result looks like that:

Sorry I wasn’t more clear, it’s not intuitive. You’ll want to try this, pressing the button on the right:

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.42.02 PM

The upper field is horizontal and lower is vertical. If you only want to scale one, the other needs to be at 100%

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Thanks! Now it works :wink:


Scaling 10% up and later 10% down does not get you back where you started because that is how percentages work and that was causing issues. The new system is reversible. Now, you can scale (right button) by, say, 110%, and later reverse scale (left button) back to the original size.

See also:

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