Regex: searching for partial words

My font contains onesuperior, twosuperior, etc, and oneinferior, twoinferior, etc.

When I search glyphs without using regex, I can type superior and all the glyphs containing the word superior are returned. I’d like to find both superior and inferior glyphs at the same time, so I tick regex and type superior|inferior. Nothing is returned, though my (granted, limited) understanding of regex is that partials should work in this context.

Thanks for any help.

Currently, I believe the regex part inside Glyphs assumes a default start and end surrounding your pattern. So, you might want something like this:


I’m assuming there’s an implied ^ at the beginning and a $ at the end. That says to match one or more characters followed by either inf or sup followed by erior and zero or more characters after that. fyi.


This is so helpful, thank you! Worked perfectly.