Regular style name repeated in Family name

Hi, I’ve exported a few fonts now with Glyphs (great program) but this time I’m having some trouble with naming… It’s just one Regular style in the family right now, and when I exported for testing (via Adobe fonts folder), Indesign shows it correctly: FamilyName - Regular (style)… but Illustrator is duplicating the Regular name… so it shows: FamilyName Regular - Regular (style).

The Mac info dialogue shows the .otf file having the full name as FamilyName Regular, but “Regular” is not included in my family name in Glyphs (only in the style Instance).

Any thoughts about how to correct?


Do you have something in the ‘is Bild [] is Italic’ text field? It needs to show ‘Regular’ but in gray.

hmm, I do not have anything checked in those fields. It does show “Regular” in gray…

Is there an extra space after the style name?

No extra space there (nor in the family name). Strange that Indesign displays it properly, but not Illustrator… but the full name does show it with “Regular” added to the family name.

Thanks for your help… possibly any other thoughts on how to fix? I’m exporting all this to publish soon.

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.

Thanks very much mekkablue and Georg, I really appreciate the support. Sorry for the rush. Sending now…

I just found out that this is a feature in newer versions of Adobe Illustrator: If your family only consists of one style, the complete font name (including style name) is displayed in the family drop down.

If you don’t like that, you can do two things: call Adobe and complain, or add a second style to your font family.


Thanks for looking into that and some possible next steps. At first glance, can’t say I’m a fan of how AI is handling single styles like that… just looks redundant in the menu. But I’d be curious what their reasoning is.

You’re right, when a second style is added to a single family, then it cleans it up for the most part (even in non-Adobe software).

Hm… I have the same problem. But I can clearly see other single style fonts in AI menu without the “Regular” bit attached. Obviously there is a way to change this, no?

You can take a look at the naming scheme of these fonts with Font Table Viewer from the Tools page, and see what these fonts do differently.