Remember the state of the sidebar

I just set up some folders for my smart filters. Feels very organised. :wink:

But then I realised they are always collapsed when I open a font. Oh no! The whole idea was to access them quicker, but in fact, it got much slower to select them.

Would it be possible for Glyphs to remember which folders are expanded? Thanks!
(And also the width of the sidebar, as I have enough space on my screen, and don’t like truncated filter names).

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Oh, and it would be great if Glyphs also remembered which filter is selected (for me, having a filter selected is the normal state, not the exception).

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I was wondering whether to write exactly the same post for the past week! I also put my character sets in folders and they always collapse for each new file/opening of Glyphs. Wholeheartedly second this notion. Thanks for considering!

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This is in the works!


Any chance this will be included soon?

Will be in 3.2

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