Remove Glyphs in order to reduce set

I’m trying to work with a smaller set by removing some of the glyphs that will not be used ‘Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic’ etc, and simplify the set to only the basic characters needed. Once I attempt to export the reduced set I get an error message that lists all the ‘missing’ glyphs.

Is there an easy way to simplify the set so that I can work with the only glyphs needed (approx 100)?

thanks in advance

The missing glyphs warning comes from feature code that references the removed glyphs. So if you remove glyphs, you need to remove/update feature code (in Font Info > Features), too.

You can use a ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter to do the subsetting on export for each instance. have a look in the handbook about the details.

Thanks for the info, just wondering if there is a way to potentially ‘filter’ out the characters not needed, so i don’t need to manually remove almost 1500 glyphs?

thanks again,

If you use automatic generated features, the ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter will take care of the rest.

thanks again for your help with this, i appreciate it!

Hi George - the “remove glyphs” bounces to the top of the list, even if I set it as the last thing to be done (first image). If I click away and come back, it’s moved up (second image). This messes up the export.

You can only have one rename parameter.

Can you send me the file that I can check the parameter order?