Remove License from Installation


I attached my personal license to an installation of Glyphs that I now need to remove. I’ve tried deleting the app and any Glyphs related files that I could find in ~/Library, but on re-installing the app the license seems to persist. Is it possible to remove a license from a computer entirely?

Thanks in advance for any information.


Why do you need to remove the license? If it is your computer, you can keep the license on there (you can have multiple installations). If you are giving it away, deleting the user altogether is probably a better idea.

Having said that, yes there is a way, but I don’t know it by heart and am not on my Mac right now. How urgent is it?


You need to delete all preference file that have ‘Glyphs’ in the name.


I had the same question, I was able to delete a license in the past, but recently when I deleted all of the preferences, the license was still there.

Are these the only places the preferences would be?





It should be in "User"/Library/Preferences/com.schriftgestaltung.GlyphsMini2.plist.