Remove Overlap filter issue in the latest beta

I guess it is a bug in 2.5b (1076).
Here is what happens

Before the filter:

You have TrueType outlines. Those are not fully supported by the remove overlap filter. I have a look.

Thank you!

Is it still a problem in the latest beta?

Yep :-/

Could you send me a sample file?

Just did! Sorry for delay, didn’t see the post

Thanks for the file. I could fix it.

Is there a way to convert TT files to PS yet?

Thank you, Georg!

Thank you for fixing it in the last update, Georg!
Is it normal that you need to be in the character view mode to be able to apply this to the path? Is it possible to do it in the font view - to be able to select multiple glyphs and batch apply the conversion? Not a big deal though, even now it helps a lot!

it should work in font view, too.

It doesn’t :frowning:

I thought you mean the remove overlap. But I added the convert to cubic to the font view.

Thank you, Georg!