Remove Overlap // Indesign trouble shooting

Hello @GeorgSeifert
I’m having a couple problems on a Custom Font I made on Glyphs 2 in January.
I opened the file on glyphs 3.

It’s a 3 masters project (Thin - Bold and Brush which have a lot of points by glyphs, and make the masters incompatible)

-The First issue is I can’t seem to be able to export,
The error message says : ”something went wrong when removing overlap: Ccedilla”
For info if a suppress Ccdeilla it’s another glyphs that’s take his place, etc, etc…

If I remove the Brush Master I can export the two other styles but I need to also export the Brush one…
The Brush master is obviously the problem but the problem didn’t exist on Glyphs2

The second issue is the reason I Re-opened the file, the Font won’t appear on Indesign 2022 in some case (under Monterey and windows 10 pro)
I can’t find the reason it doesn’t work only in this circumstance…
(It works on any previous version of Indesign and on any version of any adobe app)

Thanks in advance for your help !

For your InDesign issue :

Thank you !! everything is solved :slight_smile: