Remove overlap - necessary?

I know that removing overlaps keep file size smaller (less nodes), but is it necessary? Does it really make a big difference? Is it legitimate to export a professional font without removing overlaps?

Please have a look here:

This leads me to another question: Letters like Ç, Ð, Ø are composed of components. Should I decompose them and remove overlaps? Or I need to remove overlaps only form base letters/marks.

Glyphs removes overlaps automatically at export if the option is set in the Export dialog. So you do not need to decompose and remove overlaps manually.

So it isn’t necessary to remove overlapping if you check the checkbox in the export dialog?

The automatic removing overlap is controlled by the checkbox in the export dialog.

I understand, but is it wise not to remove the overlapping and let Glyphs remove it when exporting it, by checking the checkbox in de export dialog?

Yes. Leave your overlaps in and make sure the checkbox is ticked.

I would only consider removing them beforehand if you are dealing with complex paths, because export would take very long.

Thank you for your advice i’ll leave my overlaps alone and export them with the checkbox ticked with the only exception when dealing with complex paths. :wink: