Remove overlay didn’t work on last letter

Hi I know I’m doing more than one thing wrong, but I’m back at fonts again after a long time so I’m kind of warming up… now I’m using Glyphs and not FL… anyway have been making some letters all day… mainly drawing them in Affinity Designer and importing to Glyphs…

Every time removing overlay went fine, but not on this last one.

Can anyone see from photo what I’m doing wrong, except the fixing of nodes and design :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It only looks like this… but it worked on all the other letters I did today… :slight_smile: image

The inner path is wrong; select it and do a Correct Path Direction on it. If that doesn’t work, then select the path and do a Reverse Contours on it, then do the Correct Path Direction again.

Also, it would be a benefit for you to draw the characters in Glyphs rather than another app and import them. It will save you time, plus Glyphs’ tools are better.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Appreciate your answer and I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning! A bit strange as all the other letters with overlay removal worked fine… but can be the way it makes things from one program to another.

I’m used to draw scrollwork on a daily basis with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro in Affinity Designer and do it quite fast, but I’m not too comfortable doing it with a mouse, but I guess when I get a better hang of it it’ll be faster :slight_smile:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

@EngraverHand – Sorry, I always assume people are working on a computer with a mouse or trackpad. The iPad is very different so it may actually be quicker for you to do it that way.

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Could you send me a screen recording how you draw letters on an iPad?

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The outer path should be going counterclockwise. The inner path direction was already correct (clockwise). A simple Paths > Correct Path Direction (Shift-Command-R) should fix it.

If you look at the other glyphs that worked, you’ll notice that the outermost path direction goes counterclockwise.

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@George_Thomas all good, I could definitely need some practice with the mouse which would help me a lot anyway :slight_smile:

It worked! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@GeorgSeifert as soon as I get the chance I’ll make a little video from the iPad :slight_smile:

@composerjk thanks a lot, great info for learning Glyphs! :slight_smile: It worked so I’m happy :slight_smile:

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

@GeorgSeifert I didn’t get the chance to make the video today, but I have some videos of vectoring my scrollwork drawing on the iPad on YouTube… here is one of them: Scrollwork in Affinity Designer

It would be more or less the same, but I’ll try to make one of letters too one day :slight_smile: Hope this helps for now :slight_smile: