Remove "Regular" text from Illustrator menu display

I’ve read a couple threads about removing “regular” from an exported fonts file name, but after I tried, I’m not seeing a way to remove it so that Illustrator and Word don’t display it in the font menus. Indesign drops the “regular” automatically.

I just want the name to be “Fontname” when seen in those font menus, not display as “Fontname Regular” (and then Regular is repeated in the weight dropdown).

I know if I add an italic or more weights to the family, then it kind of fixes it, but if someone installs a single weight, then the problem is still there.

You can do that by setting the postscriptFullName and postscriptFontName in the font or the instances.

Recalling many software developers that used to assign PLAIN for a none-specified style of a font.

Thanks for the responses… seems to solve it when just a single font in a typeface is created. Ran into a little trouble in the case of installing/displaying a single font from a family. But it may just be me. I think it takes care of my needs for now.