Remove rounded corners (change roundness)

Hello guys,
I’ve got a font which already has rounded corners by client, now to some glyphs I need to change the radius to smaller. I’m not much into going corner by corner and moving all the points. Is there any remove rounded corners script around? I would apply new filter then.

Thx. Jan Charvat

Select all nodes that belong to the curve, right click and click “Make Corner”.

Oh nice, thx! I had no idea about this feature. With shortcut it goes actually quite fast.

For me “Make Corner” does a lot of weird things, but not turning rounds into corners. I expected it to do something like this:

Could you briefly elaborate how this is supposed to work?
Thanks in advance.

The function in the context menu, or the filter of the same name?

The built-in function looks at the edges of your selection and elongates the adjacent segments until their intersection point. We are also unhappy with the name. If you have a short and concise name, easy to translate, we would love to hear it.

The filter plug-in from Window > Plug-in Manager simply turns all selected curve segments where the elongation of their handles have an intersection point, into corners.

It needs a segment that it can elongate.

‘Make Corner’ in the context menu: what about Complete Adjacent Segments?

I could rename the filter plug-in to Turn Curves into Corners.

So this does not really do what @FontRenegade asked about?

Apparently yes, because he is using it to get rid of the roundings:

Oh nice, thx! I had no idea about this feature. With shortcut it goes actually quite fast.

It is really confusing to call this “Make Corner” in the context menu then, especially considering there is also “Add Corner” which is referring to a completely different kind of “Corner”.

Maybe “Make Corner” (or whatever it will be called) should also only be available if there is a selection it can actually produce the intended result. Right now there are a lot of cases where it messes up the outline.

What about this one from @Tosche