RemoverOverlap filter crash

OS 10.6.8
Glyphs 1.4.4 (588)

I added a Superpolated UFO as a third master to my project. Exporting OTFs from this project crashed Glyphs, giving “Something went wrong with RemoveOverlaps filter”.

Removing overlaps manually goes without problems, but exporting after that won’t still produce a file from that new master.

Going trough the imported master, I noticed some weird things that might be relevant. Some of the sidebearings had values with decimals (I have the use integer box checked in Superpolator). Also the order of components was messed up in many of the glyphs after superpolating. The orders were fixed before exporting and the masters are now compatible.

Any ideas what might cause the crash?

Even if those non-integers are not causing the crash, is there a command to round all values to integers throughout a master?

Update: When I deleted all the other masters and instances, I managed to export the new master without errors.

Could you send me the file .glyphs with all masters (to support at this domain)?

I’m sorry for the hasted post. I just solved it. Somehow the interpolation weight values in instances were too large. Smaller values - no errors and exports fine.

How about those decimal values, is there any automated way to round those?

If you set the grid to 1 or larger, the coordinates are automatically rounded on export.
When do you see the decimal values?

Yes the grid is 1, and has always been 1.

Some of the glyph sidebearings are decimal values, for example RSB: 16.12

I’m not worried about what is exported, but it’s more about the piece of mind and complete control over the font. I’d like all values to be integers when developing the font.

The RSB might look like this if you misses a extreme point or for italic font. In both cases its fine.

Somethings happened to my font such that I can’t apply Remove Overlap to any glyph in Version 1.4.4 (601)…

Fixed it. Please update.