Removing Kerning Class on single glyhs

I want to get rid of a kerning class, that (now) belongs only to 1 glyph. But simply removing the class name removes the kerning value from the glyph, too.
How can it be done without loosing the value?

You need to click the lock icon (to open it) first. That will copy the value to the glyph.

You need to do that for all pairs that use that class (you can filter the kerning window to show them all.

But why would you do that? It is fine to have classes with only one glyph.

I have a little narrowerr space.001 for the arabic script. It uses the same class as the standard space. But this causes strange problems. (eg. “o”-“quoteright”-space ignores the kerning between quoteright and space but adds its negativ value to the o-quoteright value.)
So my idea was put the space.001 into a seperate class, delete all foreign-script values and everything will be ok.

I would not rely on kerning agains the space glyph too much. It will not work in some apps. And I never kerned quotes agains spaces.

The Kerning problem you are trying to solve is probably a LTR vs RTL issue. So that should be fixed instead of trying to build a lengthy workaround. Can you send me the .glyphs and the test file?