Removing Node Index

I have ten outlines generated as a ufo by another program and it opens into Glyphs with node indexes I would like to get rid of. I thought this issue had cropped up here before but I cannot find mention of it.

How do I get rid of them?

What do you mean? Are the nodes in the wrong order?

EDIT: Do you mean you see numbers next to the nodes? These are node names. Some tools add them. You can quickly delete those if you iterate through all of them and set their name to None:

for thisLayer in Font.selectedLayers:
	for thisPath in thisLayer.paths:
		for thisNode in thisPath.nodes: = None

Paste this in Macro window, select all glyphs you want to clear of node names, and press the Run button in the Macro window.

Thanks @mekkablue.

Yes, I did mean “names”, I just didn’t know what to call them. The code worked perfectly.

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Maybe a dumb question, but is there a way to add node index/names? I have the Node Indexes plugin, but I don’t want to see every node and handle, just to be able to add a name to selected nodes. Is it possible?

As so often, there is a @mekkablue plugin:


Thank you! I should have looked first, sorry.