Rename Glyphs parameter not working

Hello, I am working with a file that has manually set alternate glyphs (using Rename Glyphs and Remove Glyphs to switch from default to .bold variants). However, this isn’t working, the glyphs are not renamed. In another file, the same method works fine.

I am unable to pinpoint the issue.

Using alternate layers in Glyphs works. However (bonus question): How would I go about building this with alternate layers in Glyphs?

Can you send me that file?

Alternate layer can only have one condition. In cases like that, where you have two conditions, you need to use manually written code.

I sent you a file, thank you.

The file you send, works for me.

Thanks a lot for taking a look and sorry for wasting your time. I’ll have to investigate further, it might be caused by my export plugin for some weird reason.