Renaming Glyphs without losing already assigned UNICODE

In the glyphs overview when renaming a glyph (to something entirely arbitrary) I would like to keep the unicode that it already has … it seems the current behaviour is that its automatically removed if no such glyph name exists in the predefined glyph info list/table.

So, Say I have an icon font that uses latin and greek alphabet as container for the icons and therefor has glyphs that are named “Iogonek” (which isn’t very helpful for me as a designer) it would be using the corresponding unicodes … which I don’t mind keeping … in fact I would prefer if it did.

How would I do it?

That is an interesting question. The safest would be to set up a custom glyph data. But that is probably overkill.

The next best step would be to write a script that lets you rename glyphs but restores the unicodes.