Renaming kerning classes of select glyphs and copying kerning values

I currently have uppercase and small-cap sharing the same kerning class (i.e. ‘@round’ ‘@straight’ etc ) How can I rename the small-caps kerning class names to their own unique kerning class name (i.e. @round ->, @straight -> etc) while still maintaining all the kerning value combinations as their uppercase counterpart?

If I rename a kerning class on a glyph then it automatically loses its current kerning value. I know in Tosche scripts, there is “Copy Kerning Pairs” which is helpful but I would have to repeat this process for all pairs.

Duplicate the font, delete all glyphs except the SC, rename the groups in the Kerning Window, confirm the dialogs, clean up the kerning, then copy it back into the original source file.

I have a plugin to easily move kerning pairs around between groups, but its not public. If you’re willing to share your file, I might be able to save you some time :slight_smile:

That sounds like a very handy plugin! Unfortunately, I can’t share the file:upside_down_face:
If you do release it at some point, whether for sale or open-source, please let me know.

Quite a round-a-bout way but it works. Thanks.