Renaming to production names issue

Hi everyone! Good fact that if you have a glyphs file with nice names for glyphs and it has features, when I’m exporting a UFO with production names, the glyphs are being renamed in the feature code as well. However, if your nice-named glyphs appear in any metric keys expressions, none would be renamed. The resulted UFO will have some invalid metric keys expressions. I have a feature request — maybe, the name conversion could be improved to include renaming in MKE as well?

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Where are the metrics keys accessed outside of Glyphs?

Fontlab 7, for example. We in Paratype use all the editors in our workflow.

I didn’t know that. I’ll have a look.

I have the same issue that the nice name in the metric key is not converted to the production name when the option is checked during UFO export, on Glyphs 2. :slight_smile: Will there be a fix for that?

It will most likely not be fixed for Glyphs 2.