Replace feature —> change name of SS


Hello, hello!

I’m using the “replace feature” custom parameter for certain instances to have different stylistic sets.
Is it possible to change the name of the stylistic sets as well?
Now these changed features keep having the old names.

Any help is appreciated!

Renaming parameter for stylistic sets

Still nothing?

Maybe a “No! Not possible!”.
Or a “Yes, kinda. But you have to write it yourself”.

None help whatsoever?


Sorry. I missed your first post.

That is not possible right now.


In the meantime, it should be possible to work with something a bit less flexible.
Following the spec you could add the name at the top of your feature, like this:

featureNames {
name "Extra Boring Sub";

sub B by B.ss03;

And then do the same thing within the Replace Feature custom parameter.

Sidenote: I am a bit confused about the usage of parantesis etc. in there. The syntax is not 100% the same as in the feature window. But why? Also look out for autocorrected quotation marks.

Remember that this workaround might cause problems if you have a name defined at the bottom of the feature window. So make sure to delete the info there before you try this.