Replace feature custom parameter not being written to UFO

Its not showing up in UFO features.fea

Writing an UFO is more a saving then an exporting. So normally, you expect the replacement happening when the actually .otf is written.

But if I want to pass on the UFOs to someone else, then those features are missing if someone wants to export an OTF from the UFO

UFO export exports masters, not instances. Replacing Features is done on instance level. If you wanted the instances as UFO, you would first have to generate instances, and then export UFOs.

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I just tried to explain the current state.

How will this someone generate the .otf? If that happens to be fontMake, you could give him the .glyphs file as fontmake supports them now (with the help of glyphsLib).

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I generated the .glyphs file instances, and the Replace kern feature is not working correctly.