Replace/remove features

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In my current Thai font I want slightly different behaviour in different instances. The bold weight needs a manual adjustment in the mark feature, so I have:

# Automatic Code End

pos [roRua-thai] [saraI-thai saraIi-thai saraUe-thai saraUee-thai]' <40 0 40 0>;

But I don’t want any adjustment in the other instances. If I use a custom parameter to remove the ‘mark’ feature in those instances, then it’s not just the manual part that gets removed, but the entire mark feature. If instead I try add the manual lookup by using ‘replace feature’, it replaces the entire mark feature with only the manual lookup. It seems we need the function to ‘append to feature’ or something?


Good idea.


I made a script for a similar case which will add feature code stored in user data to the autogenerated features.

It only supports GSUB, not GPOS at the moment.

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