Replacing glyph

hello, I am having a problem swapping out “a” for “alt a”. What I did was trying to use a method with renaming: firstly renaming “a” to “a_777”, then “alt a” to “a”, then “a_777” to “alt a”. however I keep getting an error when exporting this :frowning:

Things get tricky when decompiling TrueType fonts.

Did you receive permission to use and modify Graphik?

I have to use Graphik on the website with a single story. However, this app doesn’t support glyphs, so I thought I would just swap them in the font to avoid this problem.

could there be any other solutions?

You are using the font on a website? Why don’t you use CSS to activate a stylistic set? I don’t know the structure of Graphik, but I’m sure there’s a stylistic set that includes the single-storey a.

It’s ss01:


font-feature-settings: "ss01";
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do you know perhaps where i can look up a stylistic set of a font?

You can use, for instance. For Graphik, you can find the details on, there are specimen PDFs linked at the bottom of the page.

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