Request: Custom script for advanced "Add Glyphs"

I am looking for someone to create a script for me (or an already existing script) that allows me to put Smart Settings and Position into the “Add Glyphs”.

Eg: uni0001{Position:10;0;Width:50;Height:75}+uni0001{Position:250;0;Width:50;Height:100}=uni0003

If anyone else is interested we could co-fund the script.
… Or if this is a feature that would be useful in Glyphs, please read this as a feature request.

That looks interesting.
It might need to be a tiny bit more complex. You might like to set the scale and rotation, too.


This is proper plist now that makes it much easier to parse.
And there might be more properties:

  • anchor: attach to a certain anchor.
  • align: en/disable automatic alignment.
  • mask: enable the mask setting

And I wonder if the smart settings are better in its own key:


Right, that looks better.

Is this to say there a possibility to have this added to Glyphs?