Request: Filter by kerning group name

Salam and hi,

So i added a filter in the sidebar to smart group all letters with “round-right” right kerning group, but it was not possible, i could only pick kerning group: yes or no in the filter sheet.

Can you please add a text field there so we can specify a kerning group name in the smart filter?

BTW, normal folders didnt work, i thought i’ll be able to drag some letters to them to manualy group some letters in a folder but could not as letters are not draggable. nothing in the handbook explains what folders are for! … so what are they for???

Another strange thing: I use Glyphs on two macs at home and work and the font Glyphs file is in dropbox, I created a smart filter in the side bar (to gather letters with a specific color label) and it didn’t show when i opened it later on the other Mac (All other changes in the file showed). isn’t that info saved with the file? (Also aren’t open tabs saved with the file? sometimes they are the same and sometimes every Mac remembers it’s own open tabs for the same file! What’s the rule?)

What’s more strange is the other Mac shows a filter that i didn’t add, called Arabic Kerning… but i guess this one is an auto feature, though it didn’t show on my previous mac where i added the color label filter.

Confusing to me :disappointed_relieved:

You can sort by kerning group in Font tab > List view (list button in the top left).

List filters are explained in detail in the handbook. Folders can be used to group list filters and smart filters.

A filter or a feature?

but then i don’t see a big preview of the glyphs!

why don’t kerning goups appear automatically in the side bar under a section of their own and when selected i see the glyphs of that kerning group in big thumpnail preview mood as i expect :slight_smile:

Make it auto!

and just like the filters section, a user can hide the kerning groups section if he/she don’t want to see it

i mean, in the sidebar i see many languages that i don’t care about and will not design for, show me my kerning groups there automatically it is more usefull to me!


You can collapse the languages.

Why do you need filters for kerning groups? What are you trying to achieve?

I want to visually see in thumbnail view:

the glyphs with (rounded-right) in one place …
and the glyphs with (flat-right) in one place …
and the glyphs with (sharp-right) in one place …
and the glyphs with (open-right) in one place …
and so… and same for left …

Then i have a good visual reference of my kerning groups! And for example i can edit the right spacing of the ones with the same right shape (like rounded-right) at ones by select-all in that group and typing at once, the big preview will assure me visually that no other glyph was added in this kerning group by mistake, and will be a handy visual reference.

Once i do this, it is always easy to edit spacing of kerning groups at once instead of hunting for these similar glyphs all over again to select them from the over 300 glyphs/ligatures that i already have :frowning:

And i don’t want to switch to list view! I am happy in the Thumbnail view all the time :slight_smile:

The sad thing is that even the search field does not support searching by kerning groups names, it returns nothing.

But then i will not see Arabic, the only one i care about from that list.

Visual reference? Then grid view is not a good idea. Try View > Show Groups in Edit view or one of the plugins in Window > Plugin Manager, there is one that helps you visualize the kerning groups next to each letter, and there’s Kernkraft, which takes it a step further.

If you don’t want to install a plugin, you can sort by group, and select them easily for opening in a tab etc. you can preview in list mode: drag down the separator from the top.

No use of this as i am working on open-contour letters, can’t see a preview of them, i see floating dots only. and even if i see the letters, it’s not what i want, i want to see them in thumbnails and separated and want to see the colour labels that i assigned to them.

There i can’t edit the LRP/RSP at once, and i don’t want to switch to list view for that anyway.

But there when i select more than one glyph, i still don’t see all of them, i see one in the centre while the rest are covering each others with the rest of non-selected glyphs.

See, from an mac user point of view: i should be able to make groups of items in the side bar, like how i put folders/smart folders in the finder’s sidebar, playlists in iTunes, font collections/smart font collections in FontBook, Albums/Smart Albums in iPhoto, you get the idea… so as a font designer, i want to group a collection of letters (any collection for any reason) to be able to go back to them and only them instantly.

I could have done it by giving colour labels to kerning groups and adding smart groups to the sidebar, but a glyph accept one color label at a time and it’s got two kerning groups, so no use.

List view is not practical as i got more than 300 glyphs and scrolling each time to hunt for the kerning group that i want is a waste of time.

I need to go back fast to a specific kerning group and only to it… in thumbnails while seeing my color labels :slight_smile:

So the Best Solution:
Make Kerning groups auto appear in the sidebar under a section called “Kerning groups” that users can hide if they choose to.

The OK solution:
Let me specify a kerning group name to match in the smart filters rules options sheet.

The less than OK solution:
Let the search field at the bottom-right match also by kerning groups names.

The solution that you and i don’t want:
Let me create a side folder and drag & drop any glyphs to it.

I still don’t quite understand what you intend to do. You want to batch-set all sidebearings of a kerning group? That works best in list mode. And that is a spacing problem, not a kerning problem.

Consider the use of Metrics Keys. Then you would not have that situation in the first place.

That can end up to be several hundred groups. I don’t think you really want that. If you want advanced editing of kerning groups, try Kernkraft.

You can do that: Select in Font View and create a new list filter, as described in the handbook.


the sad thing is it will not auto update, but well…

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Now find me a way to hide all the empty languages from the side bar as they are useless to me and consuming most of the space :blush:

These are not saved with the file :frowning: and it will match with every font opened, no use again …

les than great, but what else can i suggest? you don’t see the point of it…