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I have drawn this Arabic Jeem and want to get only the back shape without the green box, at the same time, I don’t want to lose the original drawing (points) of the back shape. yes, I need it only in the designing stage. because I want to play with this edge in bolder thickness, but, I will not need it in the final stage (exporting).

You can use the Mask feature, new in Glyphs 3. Select the box and check Mask :ballot_box_with_check::

If you don’t see the checkbox in the lower right, press Command-Shift-I.

The mask-path must be above the other path. If it is not, you can select the mask-path, copy it, delete it, and paste it again. (Not sure if this is the best way, but it works for me.)Menu → “Filter” → “Shape Order”.

Here is a demo file where you can see the effect from the screenshot above:
Test.glyphs (6.0 KB)

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WaW, amazing, thank you for your help. perfect.

I did have look and there is a better way: Menu → “Filter” → “Shape Order”.

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or, if you’re on glyphs 2, you can achieve the same without the mask tool, like shown in this screencast:

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