Request: Option to display full file name

In a fairly standard setup, the toolbar doesn’t leave much room for the file name in between the master icons and tool icons…with the part of the name which is usually the most important (date/version/description) being truncated. The full name only visible on hover or when the window gets narrow enough to display the full file name on its own line above the icons and tools.

Question/request: would it be possible to have a non-compact option to always display the full file name above the icons and tools?

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You can temporarily switch the window title mode:

from AppKit import NSWindowToolbarStyleExpanded

It will switch back now and then, so you need to find a way to reset it.

When you make the window a bit smaller, it will switch to the expanded style. But there is a window size where there might not be enough space for the title but it is not switching, yet.

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With any change in window width, it resets to the default compact view.

No way to more permanently set Expanded as the default style?

The display of the font name is improved in Glyphs 3.2 where the file name and font name are broken up into two lines:

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