Request: Rename Ereversed to Eturned

Please change Ereversed’s nice name to Eturned! (018E)

  1. Its associated lower case glyph is called eturned. (01DD)
  2. This difference causes confusion and redundant small caps or a need for exceptions in auto feature generator‽
  3. Even when the common design of uppercase Pannigerianian / African turned E might be a flipped or reversed form. The character’s origin is obviously based on a rotated / turned / point reflected E.

This error is based in the official Unicode names LATIN CAPITAL LETTER REVERSED E and LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED E.
Does anybody know more?

True, they should at least be in sync.

There was potential confusion with schwa/Schwa, but they do have a completely separate case-folding Unicode pair (018F/0259).