Request: Set Master glyph label color in font tab

Would be good to be able to do this in the Font tab too :smile:

Also where is the new label color data stored? I’d like to update this so that it can display the Font color and the Master color. cc @Mark

Not sure about this, because there is no master label color, only a layer color. And a layer is not necessarily the master layer.

# get the RGB color:
c = thisLayer.color()
print c
print c.redComponent(), c.greenComponent(), c.blueComponent()

# get and set the color index:
print thisLayer.colorIndex()

I am not sure if I understand, because it should already make a difference for Layer-Colors. See screenshot. Or do you mean something else?

Ah I’m sorry I realised I had an old version still!

The extra color is available for every layer, not only for the master (you could assign a color to a brace layer).

Oh, I didn’t know that. But it works with the plugin as well anyway. Just had the time to try that.

If I am on the master on the font tab and want to set the Layer Colour, I mean to set the the layer colour for the master. This is how my colleagues and I expect this to work — those coming from FontLab and Robofont which are used to file specific (master specific) glyph marker colours; this is how it should work too: you should be able to set the Layer-Specific colour for the active master in the font tab.

I’m not aware that FontLab has master specific colors.

My mistake, then it’s a habit from working with separated masters in Robofont.

I don’t see the necessity to force global glyph color labeling across masters. The flexible, abstract nature of color labels is a part of what make them so useful. In the same way, the use of color labels should also be flexible and abstract. A color label should be monogamous toward a single object (be it a glyph or a layer). Otherwise, color labeling cannot play any role in master-specific annotation; forcing me to resort to tools that are overcomplicated for the task.

I think if you are using glyph color labels globally across masters, finding your labels by switching master views at the top should suffice… That or make global color labels a feature that can be enabled.

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