Research about special glyphs/symbols

Hi, guys! I am student and trainee from Russia.

I am going to make big research about special glyphs/symbols which were used earlier and also are used nowadays. I want know which special symbols are important for coders, book publishers and etc.

In this case, glyphs has got a lot of unicodes and i am going to analyse them and make something like catalog where i can describe necessary special glyphs for fonts for different spheres of life. (for example font for Airport or for coders).

First of all i am interesting in international symbols.

Please, if you have information or links where i can find something for my research (books/web sites/articles), share with me!

Thank you for your attention.
And have a nice day and good fonts.

My suggestion would be to use the Unicode charts and accompanying descriptions as a starting point.

Thank you!

The Decode Unicode project has some info that may help.

And research keyboard layouts, not so much code charts. People can only type what the keyboards (and other means of input) offer them.

Thank you!