Resubmission: RTL Kerning Conversion Glyphs 2 to 3

I just gave the new version of the script a try, but all kerning is only LTR and the script does not change anything. No errors. Did I forget anything in the conversion process?


:one: Convert RTL kerning from Glyphs 2 → 3:

:capital_abcd: Master: Regular

:two: Flipping kerning groups for RTL glyphs:

:white_check_mark: Done.

Glyphs 2 RTL Mode:

Glyphs 3 in LTR Mode:

but in RTL:

Which script are you referring to? I have one in my repository (Port Arabic & Hebrew kerning for, but is that it?

I think it’s mine. Can you send me the font? And are you using the latest version of the script?

Hi Rainer,
yes, it’s yours. I have testet directly after your announcement, and downloaded again today. So I think, it is the latest.

Here is the file.

kerning test 3.glyphs (46.5 KB)

By the way, Tosche’s script seems to work well! Is it reliable, Tosche?