Retrocombatibility Glyphs 3 to Glyphs 2?


Unfortunately I have saved a file with Glyph 3 and I would like to open it again on Glyph 2 (because some of script and plugin that I’m used to working with doesn’t work under Glyph 3 for now)
Is there a way to do this?


Re-open it using G3 and: Cmd-I (Font Info panel) choose the Other tab. There you can choose the app version file format.


Thanks a lot George !

Which ones?

HT Letterspacer from Huerta Tipográfica
SuperTool from Corvel Software

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When I try to save from Glyphs 3 to glyphs 2 as recommended, I get the following error message: A Stem has a filter that can’t be saved as format 1.
Which filter can that be? Corner components were included already in Glyphs 2…
Thanks for your help!

It means the stem settings in Masters > Stems.

And which one could that be? I tried to delete TTF Zones and Alignment Zones.

The ‘Versalien’ and ‘Gemeine’ at the ‘Stämme entry.

I see, that worked of course! Thanks for your quick help.

Hey) i have some problems with opening file in 2 version. How can I skip this problems?)
Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 22.08.45

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 22.08.29

This means that there some custom parameters you added that are was not available in Glyphs 2. You must remove those who are causing it.

The dialog tells you what to do: Open the Font Info for the font, go to the Other tab, and switch the font format to version 3.

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Do you open a Glyphs2 file and just saving it produces this error?