Returning to Glyphs shows other font file

This is a issue I’ve been dealing with when I am working on a font file and have other font files open in Glyphs:
When I switch between Glyphs and another program and then return to Glyphs it does not return to the file I’ve been working on. This seems to happen to other people I know that use the app.
Does anyone else experience this issue?
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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Are you working with multiple spaces?

Do you mean does my font have: space, nbspace, narrownbspace etc?

No, with macOS Spaces:

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Ah! yes I am.

This is controlled by macOS. So I can’t do much about this.

Is there anything I can do so it does not happen? For example should I try not working with macOS spaces?
@mekkablue @GeorgSeifert

You can try different Spaces options in the Mission Control system preference pane.