Reusing sidebearings

Hey, maybe this is a stupid question but I didn’t found a solution on the forum in any other thread.

I want to reuse sidebearings of a glyph in other glyphs, but the other way around. For example, if I want to reuse LSB of n in m LSB, I just type n in the left side bearing field. But what if I would want to reuse n RSB in m LSB? If I just type n, in the left field it will automaticly take left value of n sidebearing. So how to get right value of n sidebearing in the m’s left field?

Thanks in advance.

you can use =| . Lets say you have an o and its LSB 50. If you want to have the same value for RSB you can just write =|. RSB will automatically have that value as well.

If you want to use another glyphs’ LSB for RSB you can write =|glyphname. Like =|A

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You can learn about all metrics keys patterns in the Handbook:

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thank you very much!