"Reverse" ligature/substitution

Hello there.

I am trying to create a command that substitutes one glyph by two.

sub A by A_Left A_Right;

It works perfectly fine in Glyphs, but not as an exported OTF.

Any ideas?


In which app did you test the exported OTF? And in which feature did you place the feature code?

Tested in Indesign. It was placed in liga.
Thanks for the fast reponse!

In that case it’s InDesigns fault. Replacing a single glyph by multiple glyphs is a one-to-many substitution. See also this thread:

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InDesign’s classic composer does not support one-to-many substitutions. Your OTF is fine. Switch to the World Ready Composer in InD, if you need this in in InD.

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Thank you so much.

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Good reads. Thanks a lot!

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