Reverse Outline (save me)

Hello - I have been using the stroke-width feature to create an Outline-font. The project was almost finished when my laptop crashed. Everything’s gone now, except 1 woff2 file that i had sent to somebody. I converted it back to ttf and opened the file with glyphs3. Unsurprisingly, the single path that was the outline has been turned into two paths. Is there a way to revert this?

If I delete one of the paths and set the stroke width again it will be a different size than before - moreover it is a ligature-heavy type experiment with so many glyphs that i don’t have the endurance to change manually. It’s my masters project and I already surpassed the deadline, so it’s kind of important to me. If this is a stupid question I’m sorry, total noob here.

Thank you for any advice!

Sorry for the file loss, and no, the outline cannot be converted back into a single line with stroke. Considering your deadline, it’s probably best to make any last edits to the outline directly instead of trying to recreate the stroke effect.

But maybe the original .glyphs file can be restored? How did the Mac crash?

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The logic board crashed and had to be replaced, unfortunately they didn’t let me keep the removed parts so - if there was any chance of recovery, the warranty conditions prevented it :roll_eyes:

Let that be a reminder for everyone to do proper a s frequent backups. Use TimeMachine and or store the important files in an folder that is synced to the cloud.

I have kind of accepted by now that I need more time to finish my masters. But even with scripting, no chance to go back to single lines?

It’s a tough lesson. Next investment will be a NAS server so i don’t forget to backup ever again :sob:

If you use icloud, have a look at this not very obvious method