Right sidebearings of all cap glyphs sudenly change without intent

I finished spacing my uppercase glyphs 2 days ago but today I opened the file and all of the right side bearings had increased. What could have caused this?

Where? Inside Glyphs? Sidebearings depend:

  • on automatic component alignment (in composites)
  • on metrics keys (sidebearing formulas)
  • if it is an unaligned composite or a glyph containing path, then it is simply the value entered, which can be batch-edited through Filter > Transformations > Metrics

Or do you mean the exported font, e.g., in an Adobe app? That may be the effect of the cpsp feature after pressing Cmd-Shift-K for all-cap setting.


Sorry about my previous post. It was in answer to a different question regarding composites.

Regarding this question. I set the sidebearings manually, then some randomly change without me doing anything.