Rlig feature for variable fonts with bracket tricks

Rainer advised mes to use the rlig (or calt) feature for making work bracket-tricks of glyphs acessed through OT features (like Small Caps) via the font parameter “Feature for Feature Variations” – which works so far.

What about rlig support, any know apps which do not activate it by default, or browsers?

It seems hat the rlig feature is supported in most apps and browsers now. The biggest holdout was Adobe but the last few versions of Illustrator and Indesign seem to support it.

Thanks for your answer.

What seems a better solution to you: a clean bracket interpolation of sometimes quite different glpyhs in letterform (with the necessary rlig feature for OT features) or a brace interpolation adding many points to letterforms and risky interpolations with values being not integer (needing no rlig feature being a standard VF export)?

Braces would be a hack if it is really a discrete step. But braces work without further ado in composites. E.g. if you have a brace layer in your lowercase e, the brace layer works automatically in eacute etc.

For brackets, you would need to replicate the bracket layers in the composites. There is a script called Composite Variabler that can help with that.

You will need to decide what makes more sense for you in each case.

Yes, thanks – I know about how it affects composites and your useful script. The question was more about rlig or not in general, with rlig I can have clean interpolations (but I am not sure about app and browser support) without rlig I have to rely and braces, many unecessary points, a hack in your words. I will try then with rlig if so far there are no known problems.

All browsers (that I know of) that support variable fonts support rlig. Apples text engine is fine with it too. And Adobe app since some time ago. I don’t know then they implemented it, but something like six month or a year ago. So you should be fine.

Alright, thanks.

Unless you use the parameter “Decompose Components in Variable Fonts”. But otherwise I get strange shifts of components within metrics. Is there a way to duplicate the brace layers into the composite one’s?

  1. Composite Variabler script without the decomposing option
  2. Decompose bracket layers in composites manually

Unfortunately, doesn’t work. If i decompose manually, it doesn’t take the brace layers. With the script, it does not reduplicate the braces. You can have a look, if you want, at a and aacute (you have the file).

I meant: in the composites, decompose the bracket layers. (If you have no bracket layers in the composites, the Composite Variabler script can create three for you.)

My question was not about Brackets, but Braces: so, is there a way to duplicate the brace layers into the composite one’s?

The braces should work in composite glyphs.

Argh, we’re going around in circles. Braces do work in components, but not if you use the parameter “Decompose Components in Variable Fonts” – which is needed to avoid false metrics at export (bug). So I need to duplicate everything in a (with braces) to aacute. If I decompose just aacute, braces are not taken. Hope this is clear, sorry to bother.

I’ll have a look.