Rlig (required ligature) feature bug in variable font format

Hello! Good day!

I use rlig (required ligature) feature in a variable font with weight axis. Nonetheless, it is not working at some point in the axis (I tried to upload a video but it’s denied, so I upload a series of pictures instead).
Wierdly, it only occurs on rlig feature, no matter what the script is, and my standard ligatures work just fine with liga feature (comparison with the standard ligature above).

As I create Arabic, there is no way I can put my lam_alef in the standard ligature. I need a working rlig feature.

To be fair, it also only occurs in Variable Font format (I tried both the ttf and woff). In the static OTF, it works just fine.

Another thing, I have tried the font both in the web browser and Adobe app, and the problem persists, so I assume the problem is in the font, which in my case is created in Glyphs.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you in advance!

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I am experiencing the same issue. G3.1.2 (3151).

Rlig is not working in Variable font export. It works in the statics with exactly the same feature setup but the lam_alef is broken in the Variable font.

I have sent the file to support(at).

As fare as I can see, that is fixed in the latest cutting edge version (3.2).

If you can’t use that version (you should be fine, it is much more stable than a few weeks ago), you can use the Feature for Feature Variations = rclt on the font level.

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Great. It worked fine with the feature.