[RMX] Bug with glyph names in RMX Scaler

(@TimAhrens, I sent an email about this but never heard back, so I’m posting it here)

I have found a bug in RMX scaler. It does not work with glyphs that have a period in the name. For example, with .smcp glyphs RMX replaces the outlines with the outlines of the non-small cap versions—a.smcp gets the outlines of A, etc. It also ignores the width value I set and uses random new values. And sometimes the outlines are deleted if I have more than five glyphs selected.

This does not occur if I remove the period from the name, for example, .smcp to SMCP or _part. to PART.

Sorry for not responding yet, James. Your email is still flagged as “to-do” but, of course, I should at least have written a quick note.
The whole glyph name subject was a tricky one, I’ve racked my brain quite a bit, and I have made several smaller changes to it in the past. I tried to make it somewhat “smart” but still robust and flexible. Looks like there are cases in which RMX does not do what the user expects. I’ll have a closer look at your file and hopefully I can solve/cover that case as well. I’ll let you know as soon as I have something new.