RMX crashes Glyphs

I bought RMX a month ago, so I assume that’s the latest version
and I am running Glyphs 2.4.1 on El Captain

Love RMX but it keeps crashing Glyphs ans it’s getting worse as time goes by

any idea what my be the culprit?


Please be more specific, otherwise it is hard to help you. Can you describe what exactly you are doing that triggers the crash?

Or does Glyphs crash at startup? I have RMX Tools installed and Glyphs starts fine.

Yes, sorry
Glyphs starts fine and most of the time RMX works perfectly well
but from time to time when I call the Tuner or Harmoniser or any RMX script Glyphs just stops responding
It does this with files that normally work fine with RMX

If that happens again, please take a peek in Console.app, and search for RMX or Glyphs.
Or see if you can reliably reproduce it.

ok, what should I specifically look for in the console?
I can reproduce it alright, it’s happening right now. I need to reboot the computer to use RMX again.

Reproducing means you can describe steps that reliably trigger the app crash. Describe those steps in the forum. If no one else can reproduce it, it is probably a problem of your installation. If everyone else can reproduce it too, it is most likely a bug in the code.

  1. Find and describe steps to reproduce the problem: what do I have to do to trigger the crash again?
  2. Send the crash reports.
  3. In console.app, there is a search field. Search for glyphs or rmx. All entries have a timestamp, so if you find something that happened when it crashed, that may be the clue we need.