RMX Harmonizer with open contour

Is there a reason for RMX Harmonizer producing unharmonious results with open contours? Here’s a before and after showing the strange results at open ends.

You can see it has introduced an unwanted s-curve at the top left.
This appears no matter which Harmonizer button I choose.

(The font creates closed contours on export with a filter parameter.)

The problem is that the first node is aligned to the last node of the path, because it is marked as a smooth curve point. Glyphs does not display the usual green/blue because it is an open path. RMX Harmonizer does not differentiate between open and closed paths.

Workaround: select the point and press Return. This switches it to a corner point. Then run Harmonizer again.

Thanks for the explanation and the workaround!

I’ll see whether I can quickly fix that from my side.

Internally switching all nodes at the beginning or end of an open path to corners should do the trick, right?

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Just implemented that tweak. It will included be in the next RMX release.


Thank you Tim, much appreciated.