RMX missing field

What happened to the field in RMX scaler where it was possible to add a suffix and generate new glyphs based on that?

The UI has changed in version 1.0 beta 17. Sorry, now this information is a bit hidden in the change log.

So, here is a summary:

New UI for the RMX Scaler:

  • In this new version, you always select the target glyphs, not the source glyphs.

  • The source glyph is auto-detected but can be specified manually if only one (target) glyph is selected.

  • Tip: On first use, duplicate the source glyphs, adjust the suffix and select. RMX will detect the source on the basis that they have identical outlines.

  • After the use of the (new) RMX Scaler, derived glyphs (such as small caps) will remember the source and the scaling values. This is also stored in the .glyphs file.

  • In-place scaling does not store (in fact, removes) the scaling values.

  • The gear-wheel menu allows to copy & paste the values, for additional backup if prefer to have one.

  • For now (and for the next couple of versions), legacy presets are still available as read-only. Please migrate them soon since I will remove the old presets menu at some point.

I hope these changes make the tool simpler and more powerful. Storing the settings in the source glyphs seems to make most sense to me, you can even select different kinds of derived glyphs (such as small caps and superiors) and update them all in one step. Sharing the files between computers is also easier now.

If you need to create small caps then Iā€™d recommend to:

  • Select the capitals
  • Duplicate them via Cmd+D (which appends .001)
  • Using Cmd+Shift+F, search for (.*)(.001) and replace with \L\1.sc using Regex
  • Use the RMX Scaler to scale the glyphs. The uppercase source will be detected automatically.

Thanks Tim