RMX Scaler. Adding third master breaks functionality

Hi @TimAhrens

I’ve added a third black master (from instance) to my glyphs file having completed the thin and regular styles. Unfortunately it’s stopped actioning existing settings and crashes even if I try to (re)execute them.

What can we do here? Thanks,


Hello Luke, would it be possible to send me the file that causes the crash (it does not need all the glyphs if you feel uncomfortable)? Then I can have a closer look.

Will do :slight_smile: The crash is obviously a problem but changing the workflow at this point is a bit of a worry.

Hey Tim — did you receive my file? I sent two DM’s but there’s no record of them in my user area. @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

Yes, I will have a look at it and get back to you.

Ah cool - thanks.

fyi Just noticed this morning that the tuner will throw a “some layers are not compatible” message even though they are.

A few notes one the crash from your video above:

  • You have given all masters have the same weight value but different width values. This is obviously a mistake, as they do have different weights. If you swap width and weight for each master (in Font Info) then the RMX Scaler works as expected.

  • As far as I have tested, using the latest version or RMX and Glyphs, there is no crash. You just get a message by the Scaler saying that the masters could not be scaled properly. This is probably something I fixed in a recent version.

Is it in the same font? Which glyph did you try to use the RMX Tuner with?

Thanks Tim. I noticed the swapped weight/width values last night. Not sure how or when that happened but everything is working perfectly now without a crash. Thanks for looking at this.

Glad it works now!

Btw, I just fixed a small error in the code that caused same-weight setups not to be detected as such. From the next release, a file like your initial one will cause an immediate notification of the underlying problem.

Brilliant. Glad to have ‘helped’ :slight_smile:

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