RMX Scaler mixing up masters

Hi everyone!

In Glyphs Version 2.6.4 I am using the RMX Scaler to create my .numr glyphs.
I have four masters: Thin, Regular, Black and Poster. When I use the Scaler to create the .numr, the thin and regular master work fine but for some reason in the Black master, RMX Scaler takes the source glyphs from the Poster master and vise versa.

Did this happen to someone else, and if so, do you know a solution?

Kind regards

I have a similar issue with RMX Scaler (Glyphs Version 2.6.5.[1300] / Mac OSX 10.14/Mojave),
light and medium masters work fine when scaling down, but a super fat master produces very strange results. But had no time yet to investigate what exactly is going on, don’t know if it’s the same problem as yours.

seems like a similar problem, yes. my Poster master is also a very fat and wide master, but I don’t know how the design could effect these errors. Also changing the master order in the font information did not help. I am also still figuring it out.

Hej Paul,
You have proper postscript stems defined right?
( am not sure if the are still necessary for @TimAhrens’s RMX tools )

No, the PostScript stems are not necessary any more. RMX uses the masters’ Axes coordinates, i.e. the weight value. Instead of abstract values such as 100 or 1000, I recommend to simply use the standard stem values, e.g. the vertical stem of the i or uppercase I, so as to get correct results. Another small benefit is that if you export interpolated instances then the standard stems will not have any rounding errors, which will make the overall output a little more faithful to your designs.

@PaulEslage @birdland Do you want to send me a .glyphs file? Then I can have a closer look.


thanks a lot for offering to have a look at my file, but I already found out what my problem was:
i have an »unrealistic« weight value in the superfat master (about 100 units less than the real stem width, which – in this usecase – is necessary for some very special variable font exporting reason).
As you explained, rmx scaler works as expected when I temporarily change this value to true stem width during the rmx scaling process.

Thank you for the response, @TimAhrens ! Unfortunately that hasn’t been a solution to my problem, so I would welcome your offer and send you a download link to the glyphs file! Thank you in advance!

@TimAhrens was there a solution to the above problem? I ran into the same issue. I found out that the affected Master was created from an instance. Without the additional Master scaling works fine.

Thanks, René

This problem should be fixed since RMX version 1.1.7. Maybe you can try installing the latest version?

Hope this helps!