[RMX] Scaler with components Scaling Issue

Hi @TimAhrens
I’m wondering if there is a way to scale corner components when using the RMX Scaler. For example, I have serifs (corner components) on digit one and four. When I use the Scaler to create denominators the proportions of the corner components won’t scale along with the outlines. I then have to manually select the corner components and scale them using the corner component properties. It would be nice if both (outlines and components) scale accordingly.


Using the scaler, you would expect that key features of the glyph would not change size (e.g. stem thickness). So I would expect that serifs would keep their size.

In general, I agree. Only in special cases like creating denominators or ordinals the serifs should be slightly scaled down which I now do manually. But maybe this is just me. I know there are only a few cases where this could become handy. Have a look at the attached image.

out of the box:

manual correction:

Somehow the Weight adjustment might give some clues on how to scale the corners.