RMX tools gone with Glyphs3.2 (3234)

Hi, since the last update (Glyphs3.2 (3234)) my favourite tool, RMX, is not showing up anymore. It’s basically gone and no error is triggered. Anyone else has this problem? Alternative tool?


Take a look in $HOME/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Plugins/ inside of that directory you should have RMX.glyphsFilter. If it is no longer there just reinstall it.

Thanks for your answer. I looked up the folder and the file is inside, I did also reinstall RMX and restart Glyphs without success. :man_shrugging:

Make sure you install the latest version of the remix tools.

:man_facepalming: Didn’t saw they have an update. Working now. Thanks.

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