RMX Tuner Italic Angle with Intermediate


When a glyph has an Intermediate and I want to remove weight from the Black Master, the italic angle of the glyph changes, although the Intermediate is correct.

In this case I have to edit the value of the Intermediate (setting it out of range) and then I can use RMX Tuner.

Is this a known bug?

I reported a very similar bug (in RMX Scaler) to Tim a week or so ago. No idea why it occurs.

You can reproduce it in the Scaler like this:

  • Use the “Blend Alternates” functionality
  • In italic masters, you will find that the shape is slanted additionally by the current italic angle, resulting in an italic angle twice as steep.

Just published an update, which should fix this problem. If you have the full version, get the latest version from Font Remix Tools update

Don’ forget to re-start Glyphs!

In case this does not help, please get in touch again.

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