Robofab/Python/Vanilla - Where to install

I’m trying to install Miguel Sousa’s script adhesion text but the macro panel can’t find Vanilla. I’ve installed it through the command line but still didn’t work. Where is Glyphs python located and where should I install Robofab + Dependencies in order for Glyphs macro panel to find Vanilla?

Glyphs still uses Python 2.6. So you need to go to
and copy everything (or at least vanilla) to

I can’t find those folders, what should I do?
I’ve already tried spotlight, and it doesn’t show.
(I’m using Maveriks, in case that makes any difference)…

copy the hole line (/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages) and in Finder press cmd+shift+G and paste.

Or type these two lines in Terminal:
cd /Library/Python/
sudo rsync -aE 2.7/site-packages/* 2.6/site-packages/

thanks! I’ll try =)

I am running in 10.8.5 and I get an error trying to run Robofab.
I followed the mekkablue steps and I get this error:

Can you help me?
Thank you in advance!

Open robofab.pth and check if the path is correct (if the Robofab folder actually exist at that destination)

Yes Pablo, the path is correct

I reinstalled all the things and now Robofab is working. Thank you for your support

Downloaded all the files again and then in terminal:
cd Vanilla/
sudo python2.6 install
cd …/Robofab/
sudo python2.6 install
cd …/DialogKit/
sudo python2.6
cd …/FontTools/
sudo python2.6 install

all of the scripts I’ve installed make glyphs quit.
I suspect I need to do a fresh install of Python, and any other resource /framework that I should have. Is there a tutorial for this?

update - I’m upgrading to Mavericks from 10.6.8 - this may fix the problem.